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■Handling of Personal Information

About Personal Information
Personal information refers to the name, phone number, email address, address or other information provided by a customer which by itself or in combination may be used to identify the customer.

About the Purpose of Use of Personal Information
The Company will only use personal information for the purposes listed below. Moreover, when the Company asks customers to provide personal information, it will specify the purpose and ask for the customer’s consent to use the information.

About the Customer
・Responding to inquiries from the customer
・Providing information and making suggestions about services and products
・Introducing and providing information about services and new products
・Providing services, making confirmations or providing information about services requested by the customer
・Providing information about events, campaigns, etc.
・Sending information through direct mail or sending information magazines, mail magazines, etc.
・Conducting and analyzing customer surveys
・Contacting the customer when the need arises

Restrictions on Providing Personal Information to a Third Party
The Company will not provide personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the customer. However, the Company may provide personal information without prior consent in cases that apply to the conditions below:
・When prescribed by laws and ordinances
・When necessary for the protection of the lives, physical security or property of the people
・When it is necessary to cooperate with state organs, local public organizations or trustees of such organs or organizations and obtaining the customer’s consent may interfere with the implementation of the operation
・When information is provided, to the extent necessary to achieve a purpose, to an organization that has been entrusted with an operation and with which a nondisclosure agreement has been concluded

Management of Personal Information The Company will maintain accurate and current information and make efforts to prevent unauthorized access, falsification, leakage and other issues related to the management of information. Persons responsible for the management of information are assigned in departments that handle personal information to manage personal information in an appropriate manner.

Updating and Discontinuing the Use of Personal Information With regard to information about the Company’s services and products or other notices sent to customers, if you no longer wish to receive such notices, please notify the department that is sending the notices or contact the Company by email.
If you wish to request the disclosure of your personal information or wish to correct, add or delete your personal information that the Company has retained, please contact the Company byemail.
Please note that when a customer makes such a request, the Company will ask the person making the request to provide documents or other information necessary to verify that the person making the request corresponds to the customer for which the request is being made.

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